LSU Rivalry Series

This will be a list of blogs about rivalries/series (note the dual use of the word “series”) in LSU football history.  Not all the series qualify as rivalries under most sports fans’ interpretation of the word, but LSU Series Series doesn’t look right. The list of links appears at the bottom.

Subsequent posts will mostly come before the relevant games…at least I’ll try to do it that way. I think I did them for Vanderbilt and Kentucky (at least to some extent) on past blogs, but I’ll do them again whenever LSU will play them.

I may also do more about LSU vs. a given conference in the future.

Team List:
Alabama (See the LSU-Alabama page for more)
Auburn (2019 revamp)
Florida (For more about Steve Spurrier and Dan Mullen, see the South Carolina link and the Mississippi St. head coaches link below.)
Louisiana Tech (last two paragraphs)
Mississippi St. (Coaches)
Notre Dame
Ole Miss
Rice (fourth section)
(Steve Spurrier and) South Carolina
Texas A&M

Special editions:
Houston Nutt
Florida vs. Georgia (Cocktail Party)
Ole Miss vs. Vanderbilt (third section)

  1. […] About|Conference Reports|Rankings blogs|Column-style blogs|Ratings Site |LSU Rivalry Series|Links| […]

  2. […] About|Conference Reports|Rankings blogs|Column-style blogs|Ratings Site |LSU Rivalry Series|Links| […]

  3. […] for this (and I give more information about the things I’m going to discuss here): LSU/Alabama Rivalry […]

  4. […] LSU Rivalry Series […]

  5. […] blog is mostly about the rankings, but I wanted to mention I have updated the LSU/Ole Miss Rivalry blog. LSU earned its 40th win over Ole Miss in Baton Rouge and 60th in the series overall. I […]

  6. […] was going to try to write a blog about LSU-Auburn and update my Rivalry Series blogs, but I was too tired and it’s already getting late, so I’m just going to put up my top 25 […]

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