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Final 2010 Conference Report

In College Football, Conference Reports on February 5, 2011 at 5:36 PM

I had this mostly completed before the national championship game. I just hadn’t gotten around to finishing and posting it. Things were really tough with work for a few weeks after the holidays. With the last game of the NFL season tomorrow, I thought it wasn’t too late to write a little more about college football.

The only other thing I might do in reference to the 2010 season is to analyze pre-season predictions and how they worked out. I have some thoughts about LSU’s new offensive coordinator and their recruiting class, but those are 2011 preseason topics. I also have a baseball series I was working on, but I don’t know when I’ll get to that.

I’m trying to get into college basketball, but that’s not something I often blog about. I had a rankings system I last used a couple of years ago, less complicated than the one for football (I could never input that many specific results), but if I post rankings, it would probably only be around tournament time. There are too many games to see, and things are in constant flux. One reason I like to blog about football is that usually you have a full week to take a step back and gain perspective on everything. There are a few weekday football games of course, but their significance is slight as compared to basketball.

Anyway, here is my final confernce report:

Final rankings
Rank, conf., overall, FBS, AQ
1. SEC 44-12, 34-11, 14-10
2. Pac-10 23-12, 16-12, 12-7
3. Big XII 42-13, 35-12, 11-9
4. Big Ten 38-14, 29-13, 10-9
5. ACC 30-17, 18-16, 6-12
6. MWC 21-20, 17-20, 7-10
7. Big East 28-18, 19-18, 6-14
8. Ind. 22-13, 20-13, 7-6
9. WAC 25-19, 18-18, 6-9
10.CUSA 20-32, 14-32. 6-24
11.MAC 17-38, 9-36, 3-25
12.Sun Belt 6-31, 4-31, 0-24

Bowl results
ACC 4-4
Big East 4-2
Big XII 3-5
Big Ten 3-5
CUSA 2-4
Independents 2-1
MAC 2-2
MWC 4-1
Pac-10 2-1
SEC 4-5
Sun Belt 2-1
WAC 1-2

The Mountain West had the best bowl season by record at 4-1, with the only loss being to one-loss Boise St. But that doesn’t make it the strongest conference. Going into the bowls, it was 17-19 overall against other conferences, only 13-19 against other FBS/I-A conferences. So 21-20 or 17-20 clearly isn’t the best.

So basically, we have to go to the Big Six/BCS/AQ conferences. The Pac-10 had a strong bowl showing, but going in, it had three more losses than the SEC did, in 15 fewer games. The SEC played only 4 more I-AA/FCS opponents, so that doesn’t really alter the calculus. So, not surprisingly, I’m going to go with the SEC as #1 despite the mediocre showing in bowl games.

But I’ll give the Pac-10 the benefir of the doubt for second. Arizona had no business beating Oklahoma St., the best non-BCS Big XII team in my opinion. Washington upset Nebraska. Notre Dame, who beat USC (who was of course not bowl-eligible) and lost to Stanford, really made itself look good as the season went on. Stanford of course beat Virginia Tech, which isn’t all that impressive, but it wasn’t a cupcake either.

The Big XII, which was #2 almost all season, holds onto third, as the Big Ten didn’t do much to improve its standing. The three Big Ten co-champions were 1-2, and the win by Ohio St. was not against the SEC Champions. Ohio St. beating the #2 SEC team going in doesn’t trump Michigan St.’s loss to the #4 SEC team going in. I’m not going to be too harsh about Wisconsin. It was a good match-up. The Big Ten and Big XII had identical bowl records.

#5 is the highest spot I think you can realistically argue for the MWC. It barely had a winning record and only if you factor in I-AA/FCS teams. It won only 41.2% of games against AQ conferences, better than the ACC and Big East, but over 10 points behind the Big Ten. I decided to put the ACC ahead though. It just didn’t have the ugly losses. The MWC lost to Colorado, UTEP, Miami U., Idaho, Utah St., and New Mexico St. Apart from James Madison and Kansas, every other loss suffered by the ACC was to a bowl team (USC is a bowl team to me even though they didn’t play in one).

I do give the MWC the nod over the Big East. Best of luck to the Horned Frogs, by the way.

I put the Big East ahead of the Independents. The Big East beat Maryland, Miami, Clemson, and Kentucky. Even though it’s quantity ahead of quality (it’s also more teams getting the wins), I think that’s just a little better than beating Utah and USC. Tulane was a bad loss by the Big East, but Duke and Rutgers (a member of the Big East) were bad losses by the Independents

I’ll put the WAC in at #9, followed by the CUSA, the MAC, and the Sun Belt. I don’t think there is anything inexplicable there. It is worth considering how good the AQ opponents (especially) were, not just whether they were AQ, but it’s still useful in a superficial analysis.

Below are the results since the last Conference Report:

Duke beat Navy
Boston College beat Syracuse
Florida St. beat Florida
Wake Forest beat Vanderbilt
N.C. State beat West Virginia
Maryland beat East Carolina
North Carolina beat Tennessee
Florida St. beat South Carolina
U. Miami lost to South Florida
Clemson lost to South Carolina
Georgia Tech lost to Georgia
Georgia Tech lost to Air Force
Clemson lost to South Florida
Miami lost to Notre Dame
Virginia Tech lost to Stanford

Big East
South Florida beat U. Miami
Louisville beat Southern Miss
Syracuse beat Kansas St.
South Florida beat Clemson
Pitt beat Kentucky
Syracuse lost to Boston College
West Viginia lost to N.C. State
Connecticut lost to Oklahoma

Kansas St. beat North Texas
Texas Tech beat Houston
Texas beat Florida Atlantic
Oklahoma St. beat Arizona
Texas Tech beat Northwestern
Oklahoma beat Connecticut
Missouri lost to Iowa
Baylor lost to Illinois
Kansas St. lost to Syracuse
Nebraska lost to Washington
Texas A&M lost to LSU

Big Ten
Iowa beat Missouri
Illinois beat Baylor
Ohio St. beat Arkansas
Illinois lost to Fresno St.
Northwestern lost to Texas Tech
Michigan St. lost to Alabama
Penn St. lost to Florida
Michigan lost to Mississippi St.
Wisconsin lost to TCU

Tulsa beat Notre Dame
Tulsa beat Hawaii
Central Florida beat Georgia
UTEP lost to Arkansas
East Carolina lost to Navy
Houston lost to Texas Tech
UTEP lost to BYU
Southern Miss lost to Louisville
East Carolina lost to Maryland
SMU lost to Army

Notre Dame beat Utah
Notre Dame beat USC
Navy beat East Carolina
Navy beat Central Michigan
Navy beat Arkansas St.
Army beat Kent St.
Army beat SMU
Notre Dame beat U. Miami
Army lost to Air Force
Notre Dame lost to Tulsa
Navy lost to Duke
Navy lost to San Diego St.

Ohio beat ULL
Northern Illinois beat Fresno St.
Miami beat Middle Tennessee
Central Michigan lost to Navy
Kent St. lost to Army
Ohio lost to Troy
Toledo lost to Florida Int’l

Air Force beat Army
San Diego St. beat Navy
Air Force beat Georgia Tech
TCU beat Wisconsin
Utah lost to Notre Dame
UNLV lost to Hawaii
Utah lost to Boise St.

Washington beat Nebraska
Stanford beat Virginia Tech
USC lost to Notre Dame
Arizona lost to Oklahoma St.

LSU beat ULM
South Carolina beat Clemson
South Carolina beat Troy
Arkansas beat UTEP
Georgia beat Georgia Tech
Alabama beat Michigan St.
Florida beat Penn St.
Mississippi St. beat Michigan
LSU beat Texas A&M
Florida lost to Florida St.
Vanderbilt lost to Wake Forest
Tennessee lost to North Carolina
Georgia lost to Central Florida
South Carolina lost to Florida St.
Arkansas lost to Ohio St.
Kentucky lost to Pitt

Sun Belt
Troy beat Ohio
Florida Int’l beat Toledo
ULM lost to LSU
ULL lost to Ohio
North Texas lost to Kansas St.
Arkansas St. lost to Navy
Troy lost to South Carolina
Florida Atlantic lost to Texas
Middle Tennessee lost to Miami U.

Fresno St. beat Illinois
Hawaii beat UNLV
Boise St. beat Utah
Fresno St. lost to Northern Illinois
Hawaii lost to Tulsa