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Top 25 after Week 2

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I do plan to write blogs other than rankings soon, but there weren’t a lot of extra days in the first two weeks. I posted the preseason rankings right before Week 1 started, and there were 5 playing days followed by the midweek Week 1 rankings. I’ll definitely have something to say about the upcoming LSU-Auburn game, possibly on Thursday.

I’m dropping Clemson because from what I saw they didn’t deserve to win. I’ll take a controversial close win over a major unranked team on the road if you’re #20 maybe, but not if you’re #2. Later in the season, it just counts as a win, but when we have relatively little information about the teams, you have to look at how they won.

If you didn’t see the game or highlights, Texas A&M came close to scoring the potentially tying touchdown in the last few minutes, but the ball was knocked loose. The ruling on the field was a touchback. Although from every angle, it looked like that was wrong, the call stood. I’ll elaborate in the next paragraph, but I’ll warn you it’s a bit of a rant.

I don’t think there is any way to create this image if the ball crossed the goal line before going out of bounds.

I don’t blame the referee if he simply couldn’t tell and made a guess, but the problem I have is that even if the referee has to flip a coin to decide, you have an incredible burden of proof to change the call. I wish there were an option where the referee could appeal directly to the replay booth if he didn’t see or couldn’t tell. Regardless, the call should have been overturned. Every angle shouldn’t have to be 100% clear. I don’t believe it’s possible that the ball went through the end zone. Never mind that this is the most completely unfair rule in football in the first place. If the ball goes out at your own 1, you keep it, but if you make it 99 yards down the field and you fumble forward (but not backward), it’s a turnover? Absurd.

Anyway, despite losing the ball in this ridiculous and unfair fashion, the Aggies were able to get the ball back and score a touchdown anyway. They just weren’t able to get the two-point conversion. Maybe Clemson would have played differently if they’d gotten the ball up 2 instead of 8 (assuming the same unsuccessful conversion play), but either way they would have wanted to hold onto the ball until the clock ran out. There is a very high chance that had the ruling been correct Texas A&M would have won.

I did make a rule for this week that you need to have a win over an FBS opponent from now on, so that explains some of the turnover of teams.

I also lowered Notre Dame a little bit for their close win over Ball St., who now has a 10-game losing streak against FBS opponents.

I indicated last week that Minnesota and Duke were playing for potential rankings, so I stuck to that. Iowa was ranked at the end of last year, and they just beat Iowa St., who was also ranked for much of last year, so I thought it made sense to put the Hawkeyes back. I mentioned Maryland looked good in Week 1 and despite some trouble early on, they won decisively. Arizona St. got in by beating Michigan St., although the Sun Devils’ offense needs work (as does Iowa’s). Virginia Tech and West Virginia haven’t really impressed me. I don’t think Florida St. and Tennessee (their respective Week 1 opponents) are very good, but the Hokies and Mountaineers were both teams I considered ranking before the season and have done nothing to deserve not being ranked.

The only other team that moved a lot was USC. They lost to a good team but didn’t make it very close or beat a very good team in Week 1, so 8 spots seems reasonable.

Stanford RB Bryce Love tries to pad his yardage against USC.. He ran for 136 yards for the game.

1 Alabama 1
2 Georgia 3
3 Wisconsin 4
4 Ohio St. 5
5 Oklahoma 6
6 Stanford 7
7 Clemson 2
8 Auburn 8
9 Miss. St. 12
10 Boise St. 14
11 Notre Dame 9
12 UCF 16
13 LSU 17
14 Michigan 18
15 Penn St. 19
16 TCU 21
17 Okie St. 24
18 USC 10
19 Minnesota —
20 Iowa —
21 Maryland —
22 Arizona St. —
23 Duke —
24 Va. Tech —
25 W. Virginia —

Out of top 25: (11) Washington, (13) Florida, (15) Fresno St., (20) Mich. St., (22) Memphis, (23) S Carolina, (25) U. Miami

My Top 25 Week 11

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I updated by LSU/Alabama series page. Feel free to get your top-25 votes to me.

I finally decided to allow Florida St. to be #1, although Alabama nearly passed up the Seminoles. I expect Syracuse will count for just a little more than Mississippi St. will, but Auburn and the SEC championship should more than make up for the difference going into the last two games if both stay undefeated. Florida St. finishes the year against Florida and will play the ACC Championship, most likely against Virginia Tech. (Miami, Duke, and Georgia Tech are all tied with the Hokies in conferences losses, however.)

Also, I sort of have more of a focus on the top 2 and top 4 anyway. I don’t think anyone is going to rely on me as the great oracle of college football to make such decisions, but I like to imagine that my ratings would pick a good top 2 for national-championship purposes or a good top 4 for national-semifinal purposes.

I feel vindicated about Stanford though. My ratings are not about who is going to beat whom necessarily, but they do serve as a reminder that teams don’t always earn their rankings in the major polls, not even after 10 weeks of play.

Baylor won’t be high enough for most people’s tastes, but again, they have plenty of potential points on the table with Texas Tech, Oklahoma St, and Texas still to play.

Major shake-ups took place toward the bottom of these ratings.

One reason Texas A&M shot up so high was the fact that the Aggies have played Alabama but not LSU, Vanderbilt but not Florida, and Auburn but not Tennessee. LSU and Texas A&M are in the same division though. They play in just under two weeks.

Minnesota’s improvement might seem a little more than is deserved, but by finally beating a competitive team in Michigan, Nebraska’s stature as an opponent increased considerably. The Gophers beat the Huskers two weeks ago. It also helped that numbers 14, 19, 21, and 24 all lost, while #22 and #25 earned wins that were worth very little.

Wisconsin, Virginia Tech, and UCLA got fairly decent wins. (I didn’t mention Arizona St. earlier, but since they technically beat Wisconsin, they got a boost from that prior win as well as their one-point win over Utah. USC’s improvement has also helped the Sun Devils. Sometimes it is better to be lucky than good.)

Texas hasn’t done anything really impressive lately, and I’m not sure Ball St. has done anything impressive at all (although I guess winning 7 in a row is nothing to sneeze at), but they’ve both been lingering just out of the top 25 for a few weeks, seemingly waiting for other teams to lose.

This is the first time LSU has been out of the top 25 in nearly five years (Jan. 2009).

Top 25

rank / team / prior

1 Florida St. 2
2 Alabama 1
3 Stanford 3
4 Ohio St. 4
5 Auburn 6
6 Missouri 5
7 Baylor 11
8 Fresno St. 10
9 Clemson 8
10 Oregon 7
11 Arizona St. 17
12 TX A&M 20
13 S Carolina 13
14 UCF 23
15 N. Illinois 16
16 Mich. St. 15
17 Oklahoma 9
18 Okie St. 18
19 Minnesota —
20 Va. Tech —
21 Miami 12
22 Wisconsin —
23 Ball St. —
24 Texas —
25 UCLA —

Out of rankings: (14) Notre Dame, (19) Houston, (21) LSU, (22) Georgia, (24) Michigan, (25) Louisville

All 126 teams

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