Conference Report #3: Weeks 4 and 5

The overall rankings did not change, so they’re at the bottom with overall records.  For the period, I decided on a more narrative format with a list of results to follow.

Even though the Big XII as it exists is soon to be a thing of the past, it continues to be a battle between the Big XII and the SEC for #1.

Each has a somewhat significant loss over the last two weeks, but since the SEC’s loss is to the Big XII (Georgia to Colorado), the loss by Texas to UCLA is canceled out in a way.  Even though all the other Big XII teams were supposed to win and did, Central Florida, Cincinnati, and Miami U. (who has a decent record so far) are not a bad combination, so I’ll put them #1 for the period.

I still give the SEC a very slight edge for #1 overall since the AQ-conference wins are better (overall rankings will come at the end).

The Pac-10 was 2-1, an unexpected win, and expected win, and an expected loss, so I think that’s good enough for third.

I think the ACC, Big Ten, and Big East are fairly equally unimpressive.  The ACC didn’t do anything bad, so I guess they’re first of the three.  I’ll give the Big East the nod over the Big Ten for at least facing better competition.

The ACC has good numbers for the period, but if you look closer, nothing they did was impressive.  North Carolina is probably toward the middle, but East Carolina is hardly dominant.  Rutgers isn’t a big win, they lost to Tulane.  Pitt (who lost to U. Miami) has lost to everyone.

The Big Ten only played the MAC, wins over which mean next to nothing, but there were two losses.

The best non-AQ conference once again comes down to the WAC vs. the MWC.  The MWC was 4-3 against the WAC, and the MWC got wins over Navy and Toledo.  The WAC got the big win with Boise St. beating Oregon St., but I still give the MWC the nod, especially with Fresno St.’s loss to Ole Miss (still not a “good” loss, I don’t think).  I’ll say the MWC is fourth overall, and the WAC is sixth, after the ACC, but it’s not clean-cut in my mind.

Notre Dame beat Boston College.  That’s the highlight for the independents.  Army lost to Temple, but that is probably the MAC’s best team, so it’s enough to put them ahead of the Big Ten (which also registered a loss to Temple).  I can’t say they belong ahead of tbe Big East.  The Big East’s win over Vanderbilt isn’t bad, probably enough to cancel out Tulane.  The record has to come into play somehow.

CUSA beat Rutgers, Ohio, and Louisiana Tech.  Rutgers is the only one that is even mildly impressive, but I would say it’s more impressive than Temple’s win over Army, especially since Tulane is usually toward the bottom of the CUSA.

The MAC and then the Sun Belt round out the period rankings.

So this is what I decided on for the period of time.  I’m not going to list records since the number of games is so varied.

  1. Big XII
  2. SEC
  3. Pac-10
  4. MWC
  5. ACC
  6. WAC
  7. Big East
  8. Independents
  9. Big Ten
  10. CUSA
  11. MAC
  12. Sun Belt

Results against I-A/FBS during the report period


North Carolina beat East Carolina

North Carolina beat Rutgers

Boston College lost to Notre Dame

Maryland beat FIU

Duke lost to Army

U. Miami beat Pitt

Big East

WVU lost to LSU

Connecticut beat Vanderbilt

Connecticut beat Buffalo

Rutgers lost to Tulane

South Florida beat FAU

South Florida beat Western Kentucky

Pitt beat FIU

Pitt lost to U. Miami

Louisville beat Arkansas St.

Rutgers lost to North Carolina

Cincinnati lost to Oklahoma


Kansas St. beat UCF

Missouri beat Miami U.

Oklahoma beat Cincinnati

Texas lost to UCLA

Baylor beat Rice

Kansas beat New Mexico St.

Colorado beat Georgia

Big Ten

Northwestern beat Central Michigan

Michigan beat Bowling Green

Iowa beat Ball St.

Purdue lost to Toledo

Ohio St. beat Eastern Michigan

Penn St. beat Temple

Minnesota lost to Northern Illinois

Indiana beat Akron


Tulane beat Rutgers

East Carolina lost to North Carolina

Rice lost to Baylor

UTEP beat New Mexico

SMU lost to TCU

UAB lost to Tennessee

UCF lost to Kansas St.

Marshall beat Ohio

USM beat Louisiana Tech


Army beat Duke

Army lost to Temple

Notre Dame lost to Stanford

Notre Dame beat Boston College

Navy lost to Air Force


Temple beat Army

Temple lost to Penn St.

Toledo beat Purdue

Toledo lost to Wyoming

Buffalo lost to Connecticut

Miami U. lost to Missouri

Nothern Illinois beat Minnesota

Ohio lost to Marshall

Central Michigan lost to Northwestern

Bowling Green lost to Michigan

Ball St. lost to Iowa

Eastern Michigan lost to Ohio St.

Akron lost to Indiana

Western Michigan lost to Idaho


TCU beat SMU

Air Force beat Navy

Colorado St. beat Idaho

San Diego St. beat Utah St.

BYU lost to Nevada

BYU lost to Utah St.

Utah beat San Jose St.

Wyoming beat Toledo

New Mexico lost to UTEP

UNLV lost to Nevada


Stanford beat Notre Dame

UCLA beat Texas

Oregon St. lost to Boise St.


LSU beat WVU

Georgia lost to Colorado

Tennessee beat UAB

Auburn beat ULM

Vanderbilt lost to Connecticut

Ole Miss beat Fresno St.

Sun Belt

ULM lost to Auburn

FIU lost to Maryland

FIU lost to Pitt

FAU lost to South Florida

Western Kentucky lost to South Florida

Arkansas St. lost to Louisville


Louisiana Tech lost to USM

Boise St. beat Oregon St.

Fresno St. lost to Ole Miss

Utah St. beat BYU

Utah St. lost to San Diego St.

Idaho beat Western Michigan

Idaho lost to Colorado St.

Nevada beat UNLV

Nevada beat BYU

New Mexico St. lost to Kansas

San Jose St. lost to Utah



Total (FBS/I-A)



24-5 (20-4)


2 Big XII

35-6 (29-5)


3 Pac-10

21-9 (14-9)


4 Big Ten

34-8 (25-7)



15-15 (11-15)



19-17 (12-16)



22-13 (11-12)


8 Big East

19-14 (9-14)


9 Independents

6-7 (5-7)



15-19 (9-19)


11 MAC

15-28 (7-26)


12 Sun Belt

4-22 (2-22)



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