Conference Report #1: Weeks 1 and 2

(Originally published September 14, 2010)

Normally after each of the first few weeks, I do one of these. I didn’t after the first week, but it was hard to rate the ACC, for instance, after 8 FCS (I-AA) opponents.

I don’t look at how good I think each team is and try to come up with some sort of average, like a lot of people do. I look at opponents that the conference has had. It’s basically treating inter-conference games as one team’s schedule. For instance, the Big XII is 21-3. They get more like basketball records than football records, but hopefully, you get the idea. The only wrinkle to that is I do consider who plays in the game. For instance, if Northwestern of the Big Ten beats Vanderbilt (which they did), that doesn’t reflect as well on the Big Ten or as poorly on the SEC as it would if Northwestern had beaten Florida or Alabama. That is the secondary consideration though.

I gave the Big XII the edge for #1, because it has almost identical losses to the SEC but has more wins.

AQ=Automatic qualifier: Notre Dame or a member of the ACC, Big East, Big Ten, Big XII, Pac-10, or SEC. (Notre Dame is grouped with the other independents in the rankings though.)

1. Big XII
Overall 21-3
Record vs. FCS 4-1
Record vs. FBS 17-2
Record vs. AQ 5-2
Key wins: Georgia Tech, Florida St., Illinois, UCLA
Bad losses: North Dakota St.
Other losses: Cal, Iowa

2. SEC
Overall 15-3
Record vs. FCS 2-1
Record vs. FBS 13-2
Record vs. AQ 4-2
Key wins: North Carolina, Penn St., South Florida, Louisville
Bad losses: Jacksonville St.
Other losses: Northwestern, Oregon

3. Big Ten
Overall 17-4
Record vs. FCS 6-1
Record vs. FBS 11-3
Record vs. AQ 5-3
Key wins: U. Miami, Connecticut, Notre Dame
Bad losses: South Dakota
Other losses: Alabama, Missouri, Notre Dame

4. Pac-10
Overall 13-4
Record vs. FCS 6-0
Record vs. FBS 7-4
Record vs. AQ 5-3
Key wins: Tennessee, Virginia
Bad losses: Kansas St.
Other losses: TCU, BYU, Oklahoma St.

5. Mountain West
Overall 8-5
Record vs. FCS 4-0
Record vs. FBS 4-5
Record vs. AQ 3-5
FBS wins: Pittsburgh, Oregon St., Washington,
New Mexico St.
Bad losses: Colorado
Other losses: Oregon, Wisconsin, Texas, Texas Tech

6. WAC
Overall 8-7
Record vs. FCS 4-0
Record vs. FBS 4-7
Record vs. AQ 2-6
FBS wins: Virginia Tech, Cincinnati, Army, North Texas
Bad losses: San Diego St.
Other losses: Wisconsin, Alabama, Nebraska, USC,
Oklahoma, Texas A&M

7. ACC
Overall 14-7
Record vs. FCS 10-1
Record vs. FBS 4-6
Record vs. AQ 0-5
FBS wins: Navy, Central Florida, Kent St., North Texas
Bad losses: James Madison, Kansas
Other losses: Ohio St., Boise St., Oklahoma, USC, LSU

8. Big East
Overall 10-6
Record vs. FCS 7-0
Record vs. FBS 3-6
Record vs. AQ 0-4
FBS wins: Marshall, Akron, Florida International
Bad losses: Fresno St.
Other losses: Florida, Utah, Michigan, Washington, Kentucky

9. Independents
Overall 3-3
Record vs. FCS 1-0
Record vs. FBS 2-3
Record vs. AQ 1-2
FBS wins: Purdue, Eastern Michigan
Bad losses: Maryland
Other losses: Michigan, Hawaii

10.Sun Belt
Overall 3-11
Record vs. FCS 1-0
Record vs. FBS 2-11
Record vs. AQ 0-10
FBS wins: UAB, Bowling Green
Bad losses: Rice, Minnesota
Other losses: Nebraska, Arkansas, Auburn, Georgia,
Oklahoma St., Clemson, Michigan St., Rutgers, Kentucky

Overall 6-9
Record vs. FCS 5-0
Record vs. FBS 1-9
Record vs. AQ 0-8
FBS wins: Bowling Green
Bad losses: Florida Atlantic, Ole Miss
Other losses: Ohio St., Texas, South Carolina, West Virginia,
Texas Tech, Mississippi St.

12. MAC
Overall 8-12
Record vs. FCS 8-2
Record vs. FBS 0-10
Record vs. AQ 0-7
FBS wins: None
Worst losses: Gardner-Webb, Liberty


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