SEC Wednesday #5

In College Football, Post-game, Preview, SEC Wednesdays on October 28, 2015 at 5:26 PM

Last Week 

Auburn and the points was sort of right, because if you give Auburn any regulation points they win. But that’s not how the bookies do it, so this is a loss ATS.

Obviously Tennessee and the points was a comfortable win ATS, and I correctly picked Bama to win.

I can’t make sense of Vandy and Missouri. Missouri had a better performance in Athens than in Nashville. Vandy had the game I expected them to have last week. This is a loss either way.

I was right about Ole Miss winning but did not see A&M’s offensive struggles coming at all. So I had the right winner, but I was wrong ATS.

At least LSU makes a little more sense to me now. I’ll be interested to see that Alabama line.

Mississippi St. blew away Kentucky. Two other teams that keep faking me out. I guess in the future I should assume Kentucky won’t do much now that it’s basically basketball season, but that’s when these teams try to trick me. Right about the winner though.

For the week: 5-1, 2-4 against the spread

Overall: 27-10 and 15-20


Next Week

I saw some improvement with Auburn even though they ultimately lost to Arkansas.  I am betting against Ole Miss being overpowering in a second week in a row, so I’ll pick the Rebs to win but Auburn and 7.5 at home.

I’ll split the difference with A&M and South Carolina as well.  That line is 16.5.  South Carolina just had a bye after a good win, and A&M looked like garbage last week.

I could be totally wrong, but I’ve had a feeling Georgia was going to turn the tables from last year’s cocktail party and use the game to get back on track.  So Georgia with the points (3) and to win.

Arkansas over Tennessee-Martin.  No line.

I’ll take Vandy and 12 at Houston.  The Dores have been better than expected against superior opponents most of the year, and the Coogs aren’t that superior, I don’t think.  Houston to win though.

Tennessee-Kentucky is tough.  On one hand, I think Kentucky is done being competitive; but on the other hand, favoring a road team by 9 is a bit much.  Kentucky might find a bit of life for this one since it’s somewhat of a rivalry, and Tennessee might have a hangover from Bama, so Kentucky and the points with Tennessee to win.

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  2. […] SEC Wednesday #5 […]

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