Week 8 Rankings and Comments

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Full list #1-128

I’ll keep it brief today since I have a lot less time with more limited technology at the moment.

WKU didn’t have the best schedule coming in despite the good record, so LSU’s points from that were not enough to keep the Tigers alread of Sparty in the computers.  Of course Utah dropped themselves by losing.

Leonard Fournette finds an opening in a wet Tiger Stadium Saturday.

Leonard Fournette finds an opening in a wet Tiger Stadium Saturday.

I kept LSU #1 in this list because (1) I’m fairly confident that IF the Tigers beat the Tide, they will have more points, and (2) LSU does have the most points per week.

Had the Tigers played the opener and won, they would be #1 in the computer list.  Also, I think LSU going undefeated before the championship would put them ahead of Michigan St.  Ohio St. may actually be the team in the best position if they win out since the Buckeyes will get a high amount of points from playing both B1G Michigan schools.  For LSU, it is unclear whether Ole Miss and A&M would be wins that are so great after all, and I suspect Florida will not win out in the East.

I’m not saying I predict LSU to win the rest of its games, I’m just talking about why I think waiting to change the #1 is appropriate.  I am also glad I waited before putting Utah in that spot.

Ohio St. and Sparty also have bye weeks coming up, so I don’t know think either will lose to make it easier on me.

Iowa could temporarily take advantage in the computer, but that’s another reason to keep LSU as the placeholder until there is some clarity, even if in the end a Big Ten team ends up on top.  I would have kept it Ohio St. if the Buckeyes were a little closer to actual #1.

The rest proceeds pretty logically from the results.  Don’t forget teams lose ground for byes and sometimes forvictories over winless or low-value opponents.  As mentioned last week, Baylor has yet to play anyone of note, I don’t care how many first place votes they get.

There isn’t a big difference between Miami, which Clemson beat, and Tennessee, which Alabama beat, but numbers 5 to 8 are very close together.

As is my custom, I put a version of a Mississippi St. logo, as I do for everyone’s first appearance of the season (at least after the initial list).

1 LSU 1

2 Mich. St. 3

3 Ohio St. 5

4 Iowa 4

5 Clemson 9

6 Utah 2

7 Alabama 8

8 Memphis 11

9 TCU 7

10 Florida 6

11 Temple 14

12 Notre Dame 13

13 Okie St. 12

14 Stanford 19

15 Baylor 15

16 Toledo 16

17 Oklahoma 23

18 N’western 22

19 Miss. St. —

miss st

20 Houston 24

21 Michigan 20

22 Ole Miss —

23 TX A&M 18

24 UCLA —

25 Pittsburgh 25

Out of rankings:

10 Florida St.

17 UC-Berkeley

21 BYU


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