Week 12 top 25 and brief commentary

In Rankings, Rankings Commentary on November 21, 2010 at 2:04 PM

Full rankings

Since I only have a 3-day work week, I’m going to try to republish/update both the Ole Miss and Arkansas rivalry blogs this week; but I’ve been falling short of my blogging goals lately, so I’m not making any promises.

rank team prev.
1 Auburn 1
2 TCU 2
3 LSU 4
4 Boise St. 6
5 Oregon 3
6 Ohio St. 8
7 Okie St. 5
8 Mich. St. 7
9 Oklahoma 13
10 Missouri 10
11 Stanford 12
12 Arkansas 15
13 Wisconsin 14
14 Alabama 11
15 Nebraska 9
16 Texas A&M 17
17 Nevada 16
18 Utah 19
19 S.Carolina 18
20 NC State 25
21 Va. Tech —
22 Florida St. 22
23 Iowa 20
24 Hawaii —
25 Arizona —

Out of top 25: (21) Miss St., (23) USC, (24) Michigan

Oregon fell two spots, but they had passed up LSU when both had played last week, so with Oregon idle, that shouldn’t be a surprise. I expect LSU to remain ahead if both win next week, but Oregon might still move ahead of the Tigers after the Civil War. Boise St. not only won over a decent team, but prior victims Oregon St. and Virginia Tech had big wins. Oregon of course hasn’t played the Beavers yet, but they have played USC, so they were harmed by that outcome.

The good news for Oregon is they have two games left, unlike LSU and TCU. TCU will probably fall a few spots in the next two weeks. Oregon’s two remaining games (Arizona and Oregon St.) are also better than Boise St.’s two remaining games (Nevada and Utah St.). Ohio St. is not a threat to Oregon since the Buckeyes play only one more game against Michigan. Also, Michigan St. only has the one game left.

Oklahoma St. could be a threat, but only if they beat Oklahoma and (likely) Nebraska. Oklahoma, Missouri, and Nebraska are probably too far back should any of them win the Big XII.


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