Top 25 and Commentary after Week 7

In Rankings, Rankings Commentary on October 17, 2010 at 7:21 PM

Rank Team Last Week
1 Auburn 2
2 LSU 1
3 Oklahoma 3
4 Mich. St. 4
5 Missouri 8
6 Boise St. 5
7 TCU 6
8 Oregon 9
9 Okie St. 12
10 Alabama 11
11 Ohio St. 7
12 Utah 14
13 Kansas St. 20
14 Iowa 25
15 Stanford 17
16 Wisconsin —
17 Florida St. 22
18 Arizona 19
19 Nebraska 10
20 Miss. St. —
21 WVU —
22 Michigan 15
23 Nevada 13
24 NC State 18
25 N.Carolina —
(For full ratings, click here or on the “Ratings Site” tab above.)
Out of top 25: (16) S.Carolina, (21) Air Force, (23) Oregon St., (24) Arkansas

Auburn jumped over LSU with the win over Arkansas. The Swamp Tigers (as opposed to the Plains Tigers) played McNeese St., so it was not surprising that they didn’t hold onto the top spot. Not that it really matters, since the battle of the Tigers is next week at Jordan-Hare.

This is the first time LSU has been 7-0 since 1973, when they actually started 9-0 but lost the last three games, including losing to Tulane for the first time since 1948.

The top 3 have all made a living off of ugly wins, but they all have had formidable schedules and all have 0s in the loss column. Michigan St. only needed to eek out a win in one game (like LSU against Florida, with a fake field goal against Notre Dame), but the same basic logic applies.

Ohio St. and Alabama seem appropriately high in consideration of their losses. Certainly, they belong ahead of Utah, who has had one of the worst schedules thus far. It should improve when the Utes play TCU and Air Force and maybe a couple of other teams in the MWC schedule.

Many of big jumps forward are mostly due to losses by other teams, although of course Mississippi St. and Wisconsin had big wins.

After watching the ESPN BCS show, I had to add in a follow-up comment here. I understand that LSU hasn’t necessarily had impressive wins, but how is that so different from Auburn:
AU 17, Mississippi St. 14 (as opposed to LSU beating Miss. St., 29-7)
AU 27, Clemson 24, OT
AU 37, Kentucky 34
…or Oklahoma:
OK 31, Utah St. 24
OK 27, Air Force 24
OK 31, Cincinnati 29

The people on TV and the voters don’t even think about the logic behind what they’re saying. They just get an impression in their head about a team and completely ignore all of the contradictory stances if you actually sit there and look at the results. And then they wonder why there are computers in the BCS rather than having us just trust them.

Unrelated to that, I just realized there are actually two top-5 match-ups next week, with Oklahoma traveling to Columbia for the first time since 2006. The Sooners have won 7 straight in the series and 19 of 20 against Missouri since 1983.

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