Top 25 and SEC Thoughts: Week 6

In Rankings on October 10, 2010 at 11:02 PM

(I’m actually posting this on 10/18, but pre-dating so it goes in the right logical place.)

New ratings

Top 25

1 LSU 2 (1)*
2 Auburn 4
3 Oklahoma 3 (2)*
4 Mich. St. 13
5 Boise St. 12
6 TCU 5
7 Ohio St. 8
8 Missouri 10
9 Oregon 9
10 Nebraska 20
11 Alabama 1 (3)*
12 Okie St. 15
13 Nevada 16
14 Utah 21
15 Michigan 7
16 S.Carolina —
17 Stanford 19
18 NC State —
19 Arizona 14
20 Kansas St. 6
21 Air Force 23
22 Florida St. —
23 Oregon St. —
24 Arkansas —
25 Iowa 17

Out of rankings: (11) Florida, (18) N’western, (22) UCLA, (24) Baylor, (25) Temple

*–The numbers in parentheses represent last week’s computer ranking. I thought LSU should at least have to beat Florida before I recognized them as #1 here, however. I have made no such changes this week.

SEC thoughts

I am going to re-post my rivalry blog later this week with the updated records, as I did after the Tennessee game. I plan to post those for future games the week before rather than the week after.

LSU is now the only team with three wins at Florida in the last 9 seasons, which also include two losses at the Swamp. Strangely, Ole Miss is the only team with 2 such victories.

Although LSU did not beat any currently ranked opponents, it earns the best schedule among undefeated teams with wins over 4 teams in the overall top 31. Also, in the rankings of opponents, there are three teams in the top 25 (#16 WVU, #21 Mississippi St., and #22 Florida), along with #26 (North Carolina).

Oklahoma (I know they’re not in the SEC, but they’re worth mentioning for context), who has the second-best schedule among unbeatens (Auburn is higher due to not having had a bye week), has wins over #15 opponent FSU and #18 opponent Air Force, but the third-best opponent is Texas at #33. Cincinnati, fourth-best on Oklahoma’s schedule, is all the way down at #78.

I told everyone all year that you can’t take just two returning defensive starters from last year’s team and expect Alabama to be as dominant. Also, if they don’t run the ball, it’s not at all surprising that they gave up 35 points. I know Saban isn’t an offensive coach, but he’s knowledgeable enough to know something didn’t add up there. For this week at least, I was glad LSU had its coaching staff instead of Alabama’s. Of course, Nick doesn’t have the best record in keeping coordinators, so there may be an issue with staff turnover that I don’t feel like looking up.

LSU had only had one close game against a relatively weak team, so maybe Auburn is the lucky one. They’ve beaten Mississippi St. (who might not be so bad after all), Clemson, and Kentucky by a field goal each.

In the West, LSU, Auburn, Alabama, and Ole Miss still control their respective destinies. If Alabama loses again, Arkansas will control its own destiny as well.

In the East, Florida, South Carolina, and Vanderbilt (!) control their respective destinies.

The only teams that seem out of the running are Tennessee, Kentucky, and Georgia, but teams with three conference losses have made the SEC title game in the past. LSU even won the SEC with three conference losses in 2001. LSU didn’t start 1-3 or 0-3 in conference that year, but they did start 0-2 and 2-3.,


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